Lose belly and weight fast and healthy diets


Tips, exercises and diets like Weight loss with health quickly, and finally lose belly fat?

Summer is coming … wear time the bikini or swim trunks and view the body, but for you to do so without fear of being happy, the body has to be in day and that’s why everyone runs after lose weight when summer is coming.

Many people seek the solution in diet pills , since that time everyone wants to lose weight urgently. Other people seek diets to burn those extra kilos, and these often can not be very healthy.

If you want fast slim and healthy, there are several ways and if you only need to lose a few kilos, you can even lose them in a week. Among the diets for weight reduction that give faster results and at the same time you can burn fat with health, is the Points Diet .

Always beware of diets that you find out there in weight loss blogs, many of them are not considered diets but regimes. They promise to make you dry fast, some even say that you will lose weight 7 kilos in a week.

Anyone who has made a diet to reduce weight healthily know that you can not eliminate 7 kilos in a week.

Secret Weight Loss


There is no secret and there is no magic formula. You should try to eat less calories than you spend throughout the day so that the weight loss happen. This is a rather simplistic way of looking at weight loss because not all calories are ingested are ‘equal’ since they come from different types of food. 400 calories consumed through the consumption of fruit juices , does not generate the same result in your body as 400 calories ingested through the consumption of fat in a pizza. Know that diets that promise to make you tune very quickly, sometimes even deliver what they promise, the problem is that most of the time you besides failing to keep the weight still compromises their health.

Then the ‘secret’ is to eat healthily, without exaggeration and physical activities regularly. To speed the process, you should intensify the practice of exercises and reduce the intake of certain foods.

Healthy eating


Who wants to reduce weight and refine the body, should avoid eating fatty foods in excess. Fat should not go out of your menu, you should just avoid trans fats and saturated. But even good fats should be consumed with caution.

If you eat more than your body needs, it does not eliminate the excess, it accumulates and is mostly reserves in the abdominal area, so it’s so hard to lose weight and lose belly .

Another food that is the enemy of those who want to dry is sugar. It also should not be eliminated from the diet, since the brain needs a few grams of glucose to function well. What you can not do is eat excess sugar.

Sugar has several effects against weight loss. His first is that part of the body does not absorb fat turns. Second he makes you feel hungry quickly, his satiety is the moment, so when we eat sweet feel like eating again very quickly.



is also another type of food very important to the body, it is an energy source, is what gives you available for day to day tasks and to work out, but if consumed in excess turns glucose into the body and later becomes fat.

Many people who want to lose weight, hardly know that what they have is not excess fat, but retention of liquids in excess. The salt, as well as causing hypertension increases the retention and further causes the intestine to malfunction.

The best food for those who want to eliminate kilos of fat healthy and fast are the fibers. They improve the functioning of the intestine, give prolonged satiety, or you take to feel hungry again and they still stick to the molecules of fat and helps the body to eliminate them.

Later we’ll talk more in depth about some tips on how to lose weight fast, healthy and still lose belly fat and those extra kilos. Still we provide some diets for you to finally lose weight in a healthy way.


The number of overweight people is growing every day, and exactly why the number of people who want to lose weight also increased in recent years. The so-called fight with the scales is one of the most talked about topics on television, newspapers and among friends and therefore deserves special attention.

In this article we give some tips to lose weight healthily. If this is what you seek, this text will find valuable information to achieve the ideal body and also some tips to lose weight fast and how to lose belly .

The diet pills accustom not be very healthy, but let’s talk about some pills and some foods that can help you and do not harm health if consumed as indicated manufacturer as safflower oil, coconut oil, chitosan and flaxseed.

We will also talk about some recipes that will help you to dry for containing foods with negative calories or detoxifying powers that is the case the detox juice and all foods detox diet .

To see the juice to lose weight , click here.

Of course there are plenty of exercise tips to lose belly and fine tuning, that will make you eliminate excess fat quickly. As the weight loss diets that really work and do no harm to your health.

Lightning diets


The lightning diets are the most famous of the internet and most promises to lose weight very quickly in a week, but if you want to lose weight in a week know that weight loss limit at that time with health is two kilos, which is not little .

Reducing two kilos per week means decreasing 8 kilos or more in a month and this is already a considerable amount of weight.

Tips to lose belly

In weight loss, the belly is often the most difficult to be eliminated, it is the first to appear when get fat and the last to disappear when we lost weight because it is the main place where the body makes fat reserves.

Do not burn fat abdominal, for this you need to do aerobic exercise even if you want to lose fat localized form.

One of the only exercises that focuses on the loss of localized form is Pilates, but for that the practitioner should already be advanced and know how to perform the exercise in order to direct you to the area you want to reduce.

What you can do is maximize the loss in the abdominal region when practicing running, spinning or any other aerobic exercise high caloric expenditure and for that you should keep your metabolism revved.

To keep the fast metabolism you have to keep changing pace constantly, for example, if you are running, every three or four minutes you change the pace quickens or slows the race.

Another way to enhance the burning in the abdominal area is always practice the exercises with the abdominals tight, this contraction causes you to focus on the region the strength you’re using to practice exercise.

Remedies to lose weight and belly


The aggressive type drugs sibutramine will not be treated here in this article since these drugs are highly addictive and have many side effects (however, they can be seen here ). Let’s deal with something that is not proper remedies to lose weight.

Safflower oil, for example, has the power to cause your body does not accumulate fat in the abdominal area because it prevents the body to produce the hormone responsible for it.

That’s why we say that the safflower oil does lose belly . In reality this is not what he does, what happens is that when you knit, diet and taking safflower oil, you lose weight because of diet and exercise and safflower oil does not allow fat to accumulate again in the belly .

Lose weight fast

It would be nice if there were a magic formula to make us lose weight fast, to do that we could lose everything we need in a week. But this formula does not exist.

The weight loss should be healthy and gradual so that the effects can be long lasting. If you are the type of person who searches the internet miracle diets to lose weight quickly, carefully, they can harm your health and still have the downside of not being durable, that is, you can lose weight quickly and get fat even slightly .

But if what you need is slim urgent just a few pounds to go to a party or some important event (like a wedding) and need to get into the dress or that dress pants, we can give you some tips without you having to take medicine to lose weight fast .

In fact, to dry with speed, you will combine a diet that will make you lose weight fast in 3 days with exercise and teas that also promise to help you eliminate kilos quickly.

Diet to lose weight fast


Visit our diets section to learn more about the most popular diets and famous

Know that the most you’ll get with this diet three days is dry three kilograms. It is a very restrictive diet and can not be extended any longer, otherwise damage your health because of lack of nutrients and also cause weakness and even fainting.

If it is extended it can also cause the opposite effect as the body will understand that will go through a long period of shortage, then it will slow down the metabolism, will soon work on a low power consumption rate, and will also make reservations these reservations are made in the form of fat that accumulate mainly in the abdominal area.

This diet is to restrict for three days the consumption of sugar, fat and carbohydrate, nor the bread can get. You should only eat protein and vegetables. But they are not all proteins that are released milks and derivatives, for example, will not enter the milk has as lactose and glucose can turn.

The fruits also should not be consumed in excess, as they have fructose which is the natural sugar of the fruit consumed in excess also turns into glucose.

In the diet to lose weight quickly you must include the teas . But is not anyone not, you should opt for teas for weight loss, also known as slimming teas that are:

  • tea green
  • Black tea
  • bugre tea
  • rosemary tea
  • herb tea lemon balm
  • Mint tea

None of them can take sugar and you should take preferably without sweetener. Look for leaves instead of tea in bags, but if you do not think these are also serve not only as effective as the leaves.

Take teas in place of intermediate meals, or morning snack, afternoon snack and supper.

Exercises and drills


The exercises to lose weight fast should be chosen according to your profile. If you decide to do the diet to eliminate fat quickly, know that will not have energy to practice high-caloric expenditure exercise, so you should be alert to any sign of dizziness stop the exercise at the time, nor it is a simple walk .

If you plan to lose calories with high speed just practicing exercises and will not do the diet, you can get a little heavier doing interval training for a week.

Interval training consists of a series of weight training alternating with aerobic exercise without rest. You will make four to six minutes of an exercise aerobic apace without rest will do weight training three series for the lower limbs, three upper limb alternating them without rest.
Then you must repeat the workout by changing the exercises.

You saw how to achieve weight loss quickly if you follow these tips you will be able to lose those extra pounds and get that outfit for those important event.

Losing Weight With Health

Although many miracle diets saying you can lose many kilos in a few days, we know that to lose weight with health is a lot of mystery. The perfect combination for this is a good diet and regular physical exercise.

These diets are not used correctly, by generally cut major food and necessary to our body, they may have a good chance of gaining back even more weight faster than you lost.

It’s not as simple to assemble a menu for reduziar their healthfully measures, but the more natural is the best food, so fruits , vegetables and legumes are always on the list, as well as other fiber sources. On the other hand, carbohydrates, fat, sugar and salt should always be restricted in time to burn calories. Do not cut them 100%, but consumption of these foods should be moderate.


If your goal is to dry healthy and quickly, know that for many people is often a little difficult, but far from impossible. This is because the weight loss accelerated manner can cause damage to your health if not done correctly. When you eat properly and practicing physical activities, your weight loss is gradually, you will gradually losing fat and gaining muscle mass, and this is not something that happens from night to day.

Even if fat loss and weight gain does not occur in a few days, it will occur in a healthy way, and when you lose fat this way is very difficult it back. Since doing crazy and miracle diets, weight loss is fast, but on the other hand the weight gain can also be.

These diets for dry quickly should not be followed, unless the intention is to eliminate lightweight in a few days to a specific event.

Exercise is also very important when tuning healthily. And the best is that they can be made without spending almost anything. For some exercises such as walking and running, just a good tennis and an appropriate location. The race in turn, is one of the best exercises to lose weight, you can burn up to 900 calories in an hour.

If you live near a club or in a condominium with pool, you can take to swimming. It is a great exercise, burning a lot of calories, and is great for those who want to reduce some extra pounds. Another way to exercise for free is pedaling. This is one of the most fun ways to lose weight.
Such exercises above show how to lose weight with free health , but if you attend the gym can make all of them and many others.

Do aerobic and anaerobic exercise for weight loss and muscle gain respectively. Interval training can help you a lot. These workouts demand the most of your body, and interleave exercises while you rest. For those who want to lose weight it is one of the best methods.

Then we’ll talk about the main diets to refine the waist. These diets comes every day being commonly used by celebrities and anonymous, and for those who want to decrease the amount of fat in a few days is a great option. However, even val emphasize that a balanced diet and regular exercise may seem more time-consuming to generate results, however, are often more efficient for your body and for your health, especially in the long run.

Burn abdominal fat, waist narrow down and dry the belly


There are many miracle diets on the internet but most of them may not work for you or it can be almost impossible to do them. Most of them are to quickly tune or to lose weight in a week. Below we will give the best diet tips to lose weight right now.

The important thing is that you follow a menu to lose weight for a while and then continue feeding healthily so you can keep the weight achieved for this we give recipes for quickly lose those extra kilos unwanted, especially in the abdomen (tummy). After all, to lose that tummy is one of the greatest wishes of many people today, and we understand each other perfectly, since dry the abdomen is often extremely difficult, especially for the man.

Some diets are currently the most famous, others are famous for a long time, we will try to be as comprehensive as possible and deal with all these famous diets to dry and adjust the waist, his face and body in general.

Dukan diet

Click here to learn more about the Dukan Diet

This is the darling of the moment. It is divided into 4 phases and ingestion constitutes essentially pure protein. In the first phase, for example, that attack phase calls if you can only eat pure protein.

The duration of the first phase depends on how much weight you want to lose. If you want to lose up to 4.5 kilos the attack phase should last up to 2 days if you want to lose up to 9 kilos this phase should last 3-4 days and if you want to lose up to 18 kilos the attack phase will last 5 to 6 days.

Who needs to lose over 18 kilos should not extend the days of the attack phase. How will high protein intake, your kidneys may become overloaded and you will not have the energy to carry out the activities of your day to day.

In the cruise phase, which is the second phase, you include vegetables every other day, or one day you keep the menu of the attack phase and the other includes the plant. And it lasts until you reach the desired weight.

In the third phase, you can eat all of the second phase and includes some fruit, some whole grain breads and still have two meals a week will. The number of days that will last phase will be 10 times the amount of lost kilos.

The fourth phase lasts the rest of your life, you you will have a day of the week that will make the attack phase and others can eat normally, just do not forget to include two tablespoons a day oat bran in your diet.

Diet points


To see how to do the diet of the points step by step, with full table of food and calculator, click here.

Another very popular diet, but older and healthier is the diet points. It promotes nutrition education and is much easier to do since it is based on the amount of calories each food has.

You make a calculation according to your gender, weight and age and this point limit is what you can eat per day. There is a table where each food has a number of points.

It is easy to do because you eat what you want and not what you want, but you end up opting for healthier foods are those with the best score, since if you choose a food as a lasagna, for example, the score is too high and you will end up having to others restrict all other meals.

Soup Diet

To learn how to make the soup diet step by step, click here.

It promises to eliminate 7 kilos in 7 days. It is a very restrictive diet and should not last more than a week. Here you can take the soup as many times as you want and this soup to lose weight is to food ingredients like eggplants , turnips, cabbage , peppers, carrots, onion , pumpkin and many other healthy foods.

In addition to the soup , each day has a type of food released and at least one type prohibited.

Be careful, to be a very restrictive diet it can cause side effects like weakness and dizziness.

As you can see there are many ways to lose weight healthy and quickly. However the most important is to seek to incorporate healthy habits and diet in their daily lives. The results will not only be beneficial for the appearance of your body but also for your self-esteem and well-being in general.