Dukan Diet: Footsteps, Steps, Menus and Recipes

Dukan diet


See step by step how to do the Dukan Diet, its phases, menu and recipes!

One of the biggest challenges that people face and that naturally cause great inner conflicts is, without doubt, the fight for a healthy body. To always stay in the ideal weight we know that in fact it is a hard road and very difficult to go. However, like everything in life, there is always way and ways to achieve a goal. Often what works for one does not necessarily work for you, but nevertheless there is always a faster way to reach a goal.

With this in mind we decided to bring you step by step how to dukan diet and show you how there are simple recipes that can turn (and) the concept of healthy eating and weight loss! The Dukan diet, may be the diet you are looking for when it comes to losing weight.

How to diet

There are several books on the market that teach how to be made Dukan diet, which advise the survey to know more deeply the process. But have no secrets. It is divided into four phases, each one covering a specific step of the process of weight loss and stabilizing the ideal weight. That way, when you start the diet process, you know you’re getting a way and that this must be followed with strictness not happen a reverse process.

he phases of the dukan diet are:

  •  attack phase;
  •  Phase cruise;
  •  Consolidation phase;
  •  Stabilization phase.

Understand now how each of them and how you should run them to achieve the promised results.

Process slimming

Food high in protein isolated on white background

1 – Attack Phase

This is the most complicated stage because it is the initial period. But even so, the promise is great: it is possible to lose up to 5 kg in just 7 days (one week). For that you should put on your menu 66 protein-rich foods that can be eaten at will, according to what you actually want to eat. With a lot of discipline and willpower, this phase can be quickly overcome, and then you will have the opportunity to experience the second phase, we will explain right now!

2 – Phase cruise

At 66 proteins you should add 34 vegetables, and should even add to them 100 allowed foods in the diet. Here the process becomes a little slower in the weight loss happens moderate way, an average of 1 kg per week, until you can reach the ideal weight. He realizes that although slower, the results are still quite encouraging? 1 kg per week is on average 4 kg lost in a single month! And when you have finally solved all the problems related to overweight and obesity, then you can start the new stage of the process, which is what we set out now!


3 – Consolidation Phase

This is the stage that puts the person in the food re-education phase where it is necessary to (re) learn to feed. The points to note are the same, without neglecting the discipline and the willingness to strive for the goals it sets itself. At this stage, what you should do is add, to 100 foods that have been adapted to food, whole grain breads, fruits, cheeses, carbohydrates and a gala meal.

For this step is required more patience, because time is even longer. At that time, each lost kilogram is equal on average ten-day diet. What is expected from this step of the process is to be avoided concertina effect and maintain health, while seeking physical fitness.


4 – Stabilization Phase

In this phase the power is free. However, it is expected that after the entire process, one has become able to feed properly, eating all sparingly. If not, the efforts have been in vain. But there are some basic rules that must be necessarily followed. Are they:

– Protein Thursday, which is the custom of the Thursdays the day of protein intake;

– 3 tablespoons of oat bran soup every day (preferably before the main meals of the day);

– 20 minutes of walking per day and total abandonment of inactivity.

The total abandonment of inactivity means strive to make some physical effort without seeking ways to avoid “suffering.” I mean, when you go to the supermarket, prefer to go walking. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Go to the gym or if you do not have this interest, put on some home appliances for gymnastics. These and other actions can make a huge difference in your whole process of weight loss and maintenance of ideal weight. The diet associated with these activities, tends to have more potential and the best results.

Efficiency Diet


One of the questions we hear is the dukan diet works. Like any diet, it can work yes. It is normal to have this skepticism because usually met so many miracle diets and without any foundation, that people follow and can never achieve results, which of course we began to fear some proposals that arise, so to speak, “from nothing.”

But notice that the dukan diet is not one of those diets “miracle” that promise results “yesterday” and deceive the people with the idea that they can eat anything and never come back to put on weight again.

On the contrary, the dukan diet makes it quite clear to people that they need to be willing to make a long-term diet and need to follow a specific method with well-defined steps to get where you want. And most importantly, it talks about the need to re-educate, eat properly, maintain discipline in diet and never abandon the practice of physical activities.

So, for many people it has worked so (see the amount of testimonials on Youtube and on the Internet), but the overall result obviously vary from person to person and also how dedicated and ‘faithful’ to the plan you are.

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