Diet for Fattening: How to Make, Menu and Simple Recipes


See step by step what to eat, how to diet to Fatten and gain weight fast in a few days with our menus and recipes!

Most people who willfully known seeks to reduce the weight and measures. Virtually 100% adherence to diets is made for this purpose. And this is natural because in fact the great evil that plagues the world today calls obesity. People are feeding increasingly wrong way and this has led to disturbing pictures of overweight.

This has been one of the biggest bottlenecks in governments around the world since the treatment is multi-professional (involves various professionals in the healing process) and spending on a single person is very high for all of it funded by the public purse.

However, there are people who suffer from inverse evils and who need to find ways to achieve exactly the opposite: gaining weight . And for those who think this is an easy task, I would say that is wrong. People who can not gain weight suffer from the process as much as those who can not lose.

And the reality of them is also very cruel, since they are obliged to adhere to a low calorie diet can cause you damage to health and sometimes also need to take some kind of remedy for fat that can cause them metabolic changes that probably will never be fully resolved even when treatment is finished.

And it is to talk about an alternative for those who need to gain weight that today we would like to direct this article we presented a diet that brings these benefits in just seven days naturally and without risking your health. Want to know what it is? So come with us and find out!


1 – The mode of

No secret as to how to do this diet. Just eat enough and correct intervals sure the results will come. But the key point is that you should not eat anything. There are fattening foods that need to be inserted in their day to day, so you feed at least every two hours. Your goal should be to actually have a menu to get fat, stuffed these foods that will name a little further.

Using the recipe correctly, it is almost impossible that you do not gain weight, as your body gains weight when you eat certain foods.

2 – A high calorie diet

While weight loss diets are low – calorie (consist of consuming the least amount of calories) that is against: it is high calorie , ie is to consume the maximum amount of calories. Of course this needs to be done neatly, so it does not harm your health. And all this going according to the peculiarities of each body.

The men , for example, need to consume more calories than women because they usually burn more than them. In addition, women often develop problems related to the hormones that make them fat. And in this case, the disordered calorie intake only worsens the situation.


3 – Everything is based on muscle mass

The interesting thing is that it while boost the consumption of calories, not aims to let your body full of fat and other toxins that settle in us through poor diet. But when we talk about muscle mass gain, we are actually dealing with a reality that is healthy from their nature.

Muscle mass is something acquired through a process where we learn to properly feed ourselves and eating the right things, without exaggeration and without exposing ourselves to disease.

4 – Food that can not miss in your diet

As we said earlier, let you display a list of foods allowed for you to get fat . Take note and insert them in your food!

– Whole milk or skim;
– Egg;
– brown rice;
– Pasta;
– cereals;
– Breads (especially the French);
– Fruit;
– Chicken meat;
– Cheese mines;

– Soy;
– Egg;
– Salmon;
– Natural Yoghurt;
– turkey breast;
– Brazil Nut;
– Red meat;
– olive oil;
– Almonds.

The process followed from these simple recipes is the most efficient for you to solve the problem of lack of weight. Insert them in your food throughout the day and take advantage of what is offered. Give your best and believe! Surely you will achieve the results you expect!


5 – The importance of water for this process

Water is an element that is good for the human body in every way imaginable. In the case of muscle mass, for sure it collaborates in order to provide you more efficient in the process.Her action is on hypertrophy, since it has decisive action on metabolism, which causes more reactions by stretching activities of muscles and of course muscle gain.

6 – Physical activities for dilating muscles

What can not be overlooked is that physical activities have a strong influence on this whole process. This is because they are closely linked to the physical development of the person.However, not all physical activities provide the same results. You must develop the habit of practicing activities that do develop their muscles, so they can gain structure.

For that, look to adapt your day to day activities such as weight training, weight lifting / dumbbells, bench, support bars, etc. Enter these activities in their daily lives and realize that things will happen naturally, without mishap. You will gain weight without much suffering, and most importantly, healthy and without the use of drugs.

What are the results of this diet to Fatten ? How much weight you could earn, and how many days / weeks?

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