Gluten Free Diet: How to Make, Menu and Simple Recipes


See step by step what to eat, how to diet without gluten and lose weight in a few days with our menus and recipes!

Are you looking for a way to lose weight and still do not know how to do it? With the gluten-free diet you can achieve the results they expect no major problems or difficulties. Want to know how? See these guidelines we have to give you!

This diet is making an absolute success among people throughout Brazil and for sure will make a difference in your life too! The promise is that the results will be quick and efficient: lose 5 kilos in just two weeks. Discover how to use it properly and how you can effectively lose enough weight and reach your ideal physical shape!

1 – What is Gluten

Gluten is a protein substance possessing powerful action on the organism. And as it is a substance with high calories, it increases the levels of fat in the body and so it takes a person to high fat mass, which is what causes overweight and obesity, the great evils of society of today. Why is this so important to discipline and make this process happen, as these indices when they are high, usually cause other health problems such as high risk of heart attack, stroke, poor circulation, etc.

2 – The gluten-free diet

This is a diet somewhat similar to dukan diet (and the detox diet ), which is to focus efforts to achieve weight loss. In this case, the idea is to eliminate it from food and thus get the healthy weight loss. It is, however, a structured diet in absolute purpose of providing weight loss and all efforts are focused accordingly. And the health benefits are obtained as an addition to all this.

3 – Where is gluten found?


Gluten can be found in many foods we eat on a daily basis. Some examples that we can mention are:

– Malt;
– Wheat;
– Oats;
– wheat flour;
– barley;
– rye;
– Breads;
– cakes;
– Cookie;
– Toast;
– Pasta;
– Wafer;
– Sausage;
– processed spices.

Not only are these. There are other foods that contain gluten in their composition and need to be removed from your diet. Here ‘s how you should behave so that the diet is productive and give fast results you expect.

4 – Tips to eliminate it from their menu

To eliminate gluten from your menu, what you have to do is get used to food that excludes completely, but also provides the necessary balance between proteins. In this way, not to cause you health problems, do it gradually, without haste and without mishap. Be very careful not to exceed the limits because it is very dangerous.

Next, we’ll give you some basic guidelines on how much gluten is important for their food and how it can be replaced, so that does not cause you health problems.

5 – gluten benefits for your body

Always try to keep clearly in mind that gluten can never be completely eliminated from your diet. That’s because it has beneficial actions on the body and not only causes harm, as many people tend to imagine, especially advocates of restrictive diets, they think that losing weight is the top priority and that nothing else matters, not even the maintenance of health.Check how much the removal of gluten can be harmful to your health!

– People who completely eliminate gluten from their diet are more prone to the ills of anxiety and depression, as this action causes physiological effects in the intestine that provide these frames.

– The complete withdrawal of gluten causes lack of satiety, insomnia and considerable hormonal changes in the body.

– a study of 10 men undergoing gluten-free diet for 30 days has shown that it causes a loss of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and their exclusion may cause a drastic reduction, which necessarily has many negative impacts on health.

– There are medical conditions that can only be observed if the person makes use of gluten if the contrary, this picture may be hidden. The most common diseases that we can mention are the problems related to hypersensitivity and celiac disease , which we will address in the next section.

– The price of gluten-free products is not attractive, so little accessible to the population (this is not an evil to health, but affects the financial, that in times of crisis can pose a big problem).

To make the partial replacement of gluten in your diet, do it with care and increasing the level of protein to sustain the body. Later we will present you a menu with the options of foods you can include in your diet to not take unnecessary risks.


6 – “celiac disease”

Celiac disease is characterised by an intolerance to gluten consumption. In this case, the person really needs to avoid ingesting it, since the reactions in the body are severe, and tend to cause undesirable symptoms. These symptoms are:

– Signs of malnutrition;
– weight loss;
– Diarrhea with presence of fat;
– anemia;
– Weakness of the nails;
– Decreased fertility;
– Swelling in the legs;
– Changes in the skin;
– Changes in the menstrual cycle;
– Vomiting;
– fall hair.

In situations in which there are any of these symptoms, it is important to seek medical help quickly to be diagnosed and treated the disease properly.

7 – Full Menu

In its natural state (without pesticides or industrial) fruits are great for consuming the gluten diet. Eat will and look seize even the shells, which are important sources of protein.

In the same situation are vegetables, which are excellent sources of nutrients that help the body to feel less lack of gluten.

The meats do not have gluten and You can (and should) be consumed at will. But if they are processed, this rule is not valid.

These are the basic guidelines for you to build your menu. And you, what is your experience with the diet without gluten ? How much weight could lose how many days / weeks?

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