Japanese Diet: How to Make, Menu and Simple Recipes

See step by step what to eat, how to make the Japanese Diet and lose weight in a few days with our menus and recipes!

You probably already know that Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. After all, this was never a secret. What you may not know is that it can be used to achieve the goals that is the dream of the overwhelming majority of people: lose weight.

That’s why we have prepared this article, in which we intend to present the fastest and most efficient way to achieve the results that objective. Find out how all this works and what you need to effectively do to succeed fully and wholeheartedly with this initiative.

1 – Benefits of the Japanese diet

Before you begin, we would like to talk about the benefits it has on your body and your whole body. Are results that go beyond weight loss and are connected to all areas of your life, which is wonderful, is not it? Let’s benefits?

– All the dishes have the necessary nutrients for our body.
– They have the protein you need to give energy to the body.
– You will consume all the vitamins you need to live healthily.
– Your body will work better and be more efficient digestion of food.
– Your body will get rid of toxins and other substances that cause you delays action, since the foods allowed by the diet have astringent action.
– the retained liquid will be released and you will decrease the feeling (and the effects) of swelling in your body.
– the risks of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other diseases related to poor nutrition will be minimised (reduced dramatically).

According to what we present to you, it’s almost impossible not to conclude that this is a complete diet, able to provide you with the fulfilment of all desires you want, whether it is a beautiful and enviable body, whether the impeccable health guarantee you good mood every day.


2 – Japanese Regime

This diet is all done in the manner of the Japanese regime , which is made a perfect combination of legumes, vegetables and fruits so that the body consume more nutrients and fewer calories.

The idea that we intend to pass is that you need to learn to feed otherwise, consuming less fat and providing your body with the necessary amounts of all substances that he really needs. In this case, what is intended is that the consumption of carbohydrates and increased the protein are reduced, which is great for the whole body.

The community China has also adopted this methodology and is today one of the biggest evidence that the initiative is good and has quick and noticeable results.

3 – Similarities

In Brazil we have had the opportunity to know a diet that is very similar to her. This is the soup diet, as to be called). Like her, the Japanese diet has as a fundamental principle take the person to a restriction in food, which is based on consumption of certain foods and eliminating others.

Thus, when in fact we are responsible for the purpose we set ourselves and with getting what we crave, it is impossible not to have good results.

Our primary obligation is therefore to have committed and do what the fact diet allows us.That’s exactly what we will clarify it now.


4 – The way to do

The ideal of this diet is to provide you with the knowledge and the use of healthy food at all times of the day.

But attention to this warning we need to do for you: not extend for more than seven days without interruption, because it can be harmful to your health, as it is restrictive and, as such, forces him to leave out of your food some substances that are essential for your body.

But do not worry: 7 days is a term insurance and sufficient for the development of diet. And then, if you still feel the need to make use of it for longer, you can do it after 7 days of normal power.

That said, then we would like to present you a menu that can be perfectly used to develop it within seven days to advise you as the ideal. View, annotate and use!

– Breakfast (for every day)

To drink, always use coffee or tea with sweetener, not sugar. And to eat, always try to use a biscuit and salt water at every meal.
Do not eat more than one because it can come to disrupt the process.

– Lunch (for every day)
At lunch, try not to drink fluids. Leave to drink only water after the meal. What about the food, make use of boiled eggs, vegetables, steak, tomato salad, carrots (raw or cooked), fried fish fillet, roast chicken and fruit.

Of course you can not eat all these things in one day. Should merge them and use them during the week. For example, you should only eat one type of meat a day. And on the day to eat egg, meat should be off the plate.

– Dinner (for every day)
For your dinner, try to eat with steak, cucumber, lettuce, ham, cabbage, carrot, chayote, fruit, yogurt and hard boiled eggs.

The rule is the same lunch: try to merge the food on a daily basis, always maintaining the low-calorie meals.

The salmon sashimi is an excellent source of protein and omega 3

5 – dukan diet

This diet model fits in the ranking of dukan and, as such, intends to fast and effective weight loss. And it works!

protein consumption during the period it replaces the lack of calories and fat and therefore does not allow that the body will feel the effects of abstinence as quickly. Moreover, when put into practice, the person improvement in all aspects, as it gives the body the ability to get rid of all the impurities that prevent it to detoxify completely.

Is that you? What is your result with the Japanese diet ? How much weight could Peder how many days / weeks?

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