Ketogenic Diet: How To Step By Step, Menu and Recipes


See step by step what to eat, how to make the ketogenic diet and lose weight in a few days with our menus and recipes!

The name may seem strange or even similiar to drug names. But if alcame-because this diet is no bixo seven heads, and below describe better than it is and why it has become so popular recently.

Starting with the name, it is noted that this is something maybe a little different, new to you.But do not be intimidated by this name, because the plan has reportedly porporcionado for many people great results. This course, those who are willing to use it with commitment and dedication.

1 – Understand the name

Before we begin, let us explain what it means that name. The ketogenic word comes from “ketosis”, which is the catabolic phase that occurs when the liver works in order to transform ingested fats into fatty acids and ketone bodies, which as a result will turn into energy for the day’s activities to day. It is our body’s metabolism stage, what happens when there is an absence of glucose in the body.

In short, ketosis is an activity of the body for the sake of combating the negative effects of fat to provide more health and wellness.

2 – What is it and how to diet


This diet we now present has been a powerful action for healthy weight loss and the quest for the perfect body. This is one of the best definitions that may indicate why the same have recently become a darling of many athletes and strength and crossfit practitioners.According to testimonies of those who have made such a power plan, when properly learn what to eat , you can achieve good results, leaving you closer to your goals.

And how do you do? It should be based on eliminating carbohydrates from your diet. For this, you need to discipline yourself to create a menu with food allowed and follow him faithfully.And to explain what foods are allowed, it will be interesting to note that excluding from their diet foods rich in carbohydrates and derivatives, you are already making it happen in your life and possibly can already see differences in their physical soon (and possibly also in your energy levels and mood, especially in the early days no carbs).

3 – List of foods to be excluded

But to clarify a little more this process and make it clear what you will need to effectively prepared a list of foods talking about those that are prohibited for you to do this successfully diet. However, you can not talk about all you can eat and not on what can not, is not. That is why we will show some tips on the subject so that you have at least a starting point from which to start and move forward. So grab a pen and paper and write down some foods that will be interesting to you withdraw from your food!

– White rice:
– White sugar and sweets in general;
– potatoes;
– French bread;
– Pasta and pasta in general;
– cornflour wafer;
– honey;
– Soft drinks in general.

You see, the prohibitions are many. And not all of them are listed in this topic.

It is also interesting to know what you can (and should) eat. See the list below:

– Meat,
– Bacon and Sausage;
– Avocado;
– Macadamia,
– butter,
– Salmon;
– tuna;
– Sardinha;
– Coconut Oil
– Olive Oil
– Butter and Peanut
– eggs (better with yolk);
– Nuts;
– Chestnuts;
– Brocolis;
– Asparagus;
– Cauliflower;
– cucumber;
– Garlic;
– Onion;
– Chili;
– Spinach;
– Tomatoes;
– Zucchini

Prioritise consumption of these foods as they will make a huge difference in whether weight loss process.

4 – Hypertrophy

One of the biggest goals it is wipe the body of any fat and get the body to dilate the muscles, so that the body gains muscle mass as it eliminates fats and calories. This is the process called hypertrophy , which is a natural process of physical size of stretching. It is powered by this diet and is being well suited for people who develop physical activities and who wish to increase their muscle structure.

5 – Diet Efficiency

Many people also questioned the efficiency of it and these questions will be answered in the discussion below.
The ketogenic diet has had great acceptance lately it has shown excellent results, often fast for athletes and supporters of sports and bodybuilding. The fact diet structure is focused on weight loss and gain muscle mass fast , efficient and healthy.

6 – But do not forget …

Carbohydrates are important for their food, where many professionals say they should not be cut off forever from their menu. For this fact, this diet is often made only for a period of time determined by certain people. However, other already adhere to a lifestyle. For those people who just want to make food without carbohydrates for a few days, which is recommended is the period of two weeks to the maximum.

What is your point, make it in your dietary lifestyle, or just do it for a few days, we have prepared a scheme with the main benefits that carbohydrates have for your health. See and draw your own conclusions.


– Provide energy for the body;
– They have structural function in the body;
– balances glucose levels,
– produce the body to serotonin, which is the good mood hormone;
– Through glucose, it is a stimulant great for the brain , enhancing memory performance.

These and many others, are the reasons why it is not recommended often cut carbohydrate intake. Their lack in the body can cause serious health problems. So be very careful, and like any other diet or physical activity, see your doctor before starting it!

One method that some people have been using it after completing two weeks time, they come back to consume carbohydrates again for at least one week. After that, returning again to the diet. In this way they get this back and forth, making the use of diet ‘cycled’.

7 – Testimonials

The testimonials of people who have used this diet are one of its differentials, as they usually praise the results enough. Of course, like any diet, it is not something 100%, but the absolute majority of the users have enough affection to her.

For many people this diet seems to be an excellent choice to lose weight and ‘dry’ without having to make much effort. What is your experience with the ketogenic diet? How much weight you lost on how many days / weeks?

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