Liquid Diet: Step by Step How to Make And Lose Weight Fast

See recipes and how to do step by step Liquid Diet to Lose Weight Fast

It is based on consumption of liquid foodstuffs, such as juices, milk and soups, but in general is prescribed by doctors to patients who need to lose X amount of weight very fast, either to make an emergency heart surgery, or to to bariatric surgery or transplantation.

However, many of these people take these recipes and do on their own at home, where it has become a fashion to make losing weight too fast.

The diet detox juices and USP, which is based on a soup diet, are some examples of this type of eating plan can combine soup with juices.

However, like everything else in our lives, this plan has pros and cons to lose weight quickly.

Types of liquid diets

To understand better, let’s talk about some of them and how they came about.

Soup USP:

It was developed by the Heart Institute, in partnership with students from Nutrition USP exclusively for cardiac patients, who were very overweight and needed a cardiovascular surgery emergency, being between life and death, but they needed before all, lose weight so fast and efficient, not to be complications in the operating room.

This recipe is restricted to use hospital , where neither the University nor the institution of health, crediting and recommend, since the use in patients is monitored twenty-four hours a day in case of any unforeseen.


The famous:

This soup is similar to the USP , but many experts do not recommend, even if you come from a famous person, as your body also needs solid food.


In this example, it is to take diuretic teas and intestinal regulating, stimulating your body and cleaning.

The use of soothing teas are also very welcome as it helps combat anxiety and thus, decreases appetite.

It is widely used for breakfast, afternoon snack and in the case of calming before bed, without replacing the main meals.

They are usually accompanied by two to three toast.



The diet of juices, be green juice detox , eggplant, are used as feed helpers, where it is used for breakfast and between the range of main meals (lunch and dinner).

With this, you need to have a more balanced diet, preferably, passed by a nutritionist who know exactly what nutrients your body needs.

The base broths and stocks:

This is to consume only vegetable broth and juices.

For many, this “regime” even thin, being used twenty to thirty days. However, it is a kind of “regime” poor and can cause weight cycling after ending.


In the case of the soup diet, or USP and 100% liquid, the advantage is that will only make you lose weight too fast.

In the case of tea and juice, which are complementary in a food plan, in which case I prefer to call a nutritional education, helps you lose weight faster and better cleanse the body.


The downside is that they are very poor in nutrients, which can damage much your health, cause weakness, anemia, dizziness and fainting, and cause concertina effect as to end the period that is doing the “regime”, you to feed back as before.

In the case of juices, especially detox, can cause dysfunction in long-term organism and in the case of teas, mainly diuretics and laxatives may cause lesions in the kidney and intestine, the long-term or take longer than the time recommended.

Still has a major concern that people should be alert, because if you have any health problems without medical supervision, one of these diets can cause further damage.

What should I do?

The first step is to find a doctor to evaluate you, talk to it about the diet you want to do is recommended to you and do regular medical follow – up, not to be damaged. So you will have more security and can put together a menu perfect, along with your doctor.


It is important to note that you should always consume pure water, even if your diet is totally liquid, for juices and soups, not replace and your body needs it.

Do some physical activity, using the recommended diet for your case, it helps to have a better result and avoid the concertina effect.

Some recipes to meet:

Revenue USP:

– 1 large cabbage
– 1 eggplant
– 2 bay leaves, two
– 2 Turnips
– 2 tomatoes
– 2 green smell of Mallets
– 3 garlic cloves
– 2 Mallets watercress
– 2 Chillies
– 1 celery (celery)
– 2 carrots
– 4 Jilós large
– 1 Tablet of beef or chicken broth
– 2 pod Teacups
– Salt and pepper to taste


Method of preparation

Chop a medium size and place in pan with water, leaving cooking for 40 minutes.

On the first day, take the cream in two main meals, you can also eat at other times, or eat fruit other than bananas, take juices and unsweetened teas.

In the second, only eat the cream, plus vegetables, cooked or raw, and may eat only one potato is cooked.

On the third day, eat the soup at least twice, fruits and vegetables.

Fourth day, eating the recipe, 8 bananas and drink milk, and skim.

In the fifth, soup, tomatoes seasoned with lemon, olive oil and salt, white or red meat and drink ten glasses of water.

Sixth day, soup, an egg, vegetables, three steaks white meat or grilled red taking juice, water, coffee and pure tea (no sugar added).

In the seventh and final day, eat twice the broth, vegetables, brown rice, drinking water, juice, tea and pure coffee.

In testimony of those who did this diet, they say they lost about seven kilos in a week.


Soup recipe of the famous:

The only difference is that it is added onion, onion cream instead of broth, curry and tomato paste.
The method of preparation and use during the week, is the same as the USP.

Teas and juices used as helpers in weight loss:

Sene tea

Which is diuretic, it can be prepared and taken on an empty stomach before breakfast. But remember that you should not take more than five to seven days.

Juice linseed c / orange:

Put half a cup of water and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed and 1 orange peeled whole (to prevent the juice becomes bitter, do not put the white part of it) in a blender and let it hit all mixed.

Consuming at the same time and can take twice since early in the morning and again in the interval between lunch and dinner (or between your main meals).

In conclusion

Looking your doctor and discussing the best eating plan for sure will be effective, because besides the food itself, time to take other important factors into account, such as a health problem.

So never make a diet per account.

Physical activities are essential for a better outcome and improved health.
Regardless of the chosen food plan, always drink plenty of pure water because your body needs.

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