Carbohydrate Diet: What to Eat, Menu and Recipes


See step by step what to eat, how to Carbohydrate Diet and lose weight in a few days with our menus and recipes!

Weight loss … A dream that is not easy to achieve, is not it? Just ask those who have needed (or need) to engage in this office! But what was an extremely complex task, given the difficulty to take any action in this sense, it may be disentangle. That’s because we have lately taken carbohydrate diet knowledge, an initiative that has proven effective to realize the dream of the people to have a body “healed”. What is and how this diet? It is what we will explain to you now!

1 – What are carbohydrates?

Before talking exactly about the carbs, we would like to explain to you what they are in order to better understand the role they have in our body.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy of living beings and is present in many types of foods. Another important feature of them is connected to the structural function of living beings, forming structures such as cellulose and chitin. And they also have effective participation in DNA and RNA structure. You see, they are indispensable for the human body!

2 – Diet Proposal

However, while carbohydrates are indispensable, they turn into body mass in the body and it causes the person to gain weight. So to be able to reduce weight, the indication would not consume carbohydrates. But how to eliminate them from the weekly menu is simply they can not be lacking in our food?

The statement, in this case, would be to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates. And that’s what the carbohydrate diet proposed. However, knowing the difficulty of making such adjustments to food, a structure that can certainly help was created.


3 – carbohydrate diet

Also known as ” Diet USP ” or ” Unicamp ” (despite the two universities do not recognize), the carbohydrate diet is based on exactly the minimum carbohydrate intake by inserting carefully in power while replacing the excesses with foods that do not have carbohydrates.The dynamic is proporionar the body lower levels of sugar and mass formation release. And so he can work with less difficulty, driving what makes you ill (impurities) and keeping what is good for him.

4 – protein diet

An excellent setting for this diet is ” protein diet “, a term that you probably already know. This is an action aimed at the control of the consumption of certain foods in order to achieve success with a diet. And the replacement is made by some foods rich in proteins. In this case, there is a strict control of carbohydrates, so that it actually consumes only that that the body needs. It would for example reduce the daily consumption of three portions of rice for one serving.

And it’s important to always remember, although we have made that clear, that is not correct completely exclude the power of carbohydrates. Of course the results are enhanced when taking this attitude, but the human body needs them. If you delete the carbohydrates in a few days you will be ill and fainting because the other foods will not give you the energy necessary for day to day. Many people have followed this path and have had disastrous results.

5 – carbohydrate diet Efficiency

Believe me, with the carbohydrate diet you already have visible reactions in the body in justtwo days . It seems utopia is not it? But it is not! Of course, to completely wipe the silhouette and get to the point you want, a little more effort will be needed.

But following the diet correctly, within 48 hours you will already see results. What is very good, because then it is possible to find more courage to develop it! It works and has great results. You just need to use it properly!


6 – What can eat in the carbohydrate diet?

Foods rich in carbohydrates you can consume are:

– All kinds of vegetables;

– Small portions of fruit (consume in moderation);

– Oats and oatmeal;

– Brown rice;

– Chia;

– Lentils;

– Whole grain bread;

– Whole grains in general;

– Potatoes (consume sparingly).

Such foods are those with the leanest carbohydrates and so help keep the body without causing you a great increase in mass. With said, some people advocate the idea that even these foods should be eliminated, but it is useless because you will lose weight and get sick.

And then, to restore, you need to replace lost nutrients, which will take you to the consumption of carbohydrates prescription. And then may be you will gain even more weight, becoming more complex the process of weight loss which then must start from scratch.

7 – What not to eat?

There are foods that actually can not be consumed because they have high carbohydrate content and harm diet results. Meet and cut them from their recipes :

– Biscuits or industrialized wafer;

– White rice;

– White bread;

– Instant Oats;

– Fruit juice;

– Donuts, cakes or pies;

– Sweets and candy.

Here the idea is the low absorption of sugar and the elimination of toxins we consume when we feed the wrong way. The more our power is balanced, the better the results.


8 – How do

To succeed with the carbohydrate diet all you need is discipline to feed correctly during the course of every day. You must be careful to make at least six meals a day and consume the least amount of calories. And you, how much weight have lost with the carbohydrate diet?

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