Mediterranean Diet: How to Make, Menu and Simple Recipes


See step by step what to eat, how to make the Mediterranean diet and lose weight in a few days with our menus and recipes!

What do you think of the possibility of a diet that is based on foods that are at your disposal, present in their day to day? Maybe imagine that this is something surreal, but it is actually quite possible. The weight loss, according to this proposal, it is a matter of course with the way you eat. In this matter, which makes the biggest difference is the way you eat and not necessarily what you eat.

What we are introducing to present to you today from this article is the Mediterranean diet .He was curious to know what it is? For now we will explain! Check it.

1 – Name

Her name is exactly what it is: an initiative that was born in Mediterranean lands. It is therefore a set of activities for weight loss that has not arisen in Brazil, but that did not stop him to become one of the most used by people in the country. And it is exactly that. A process of immense success and is gaining fans worldwide!

2 – Newscast on TV

Largely responsible for this success is the global program Globo Reporter , who dedicated one of his programs to talk about it. In grade production left the post of nutritionists and people who have used it a responsibility to talk about its benefits.

And people in the world have dedicated themselves to present revenues and results that can not give us another understanding, but be sure that it can take us where we really want. After this event, the process gained momentum and spread further around the world, reaching several people who want to lose weight with health and quality of life .


3 – Walkthrough

We prepared for you a full explanation of how the Mediterranean diet. For this we will present you a weekly menu that you can use in your day to day. The reference that we will use is the book “Mediterranean diet with Mediterranean Flavor ” Fernando Lucchese and Jose Antonio Pinheiro Machado (sometimes available in version PDF to read online). A true classic that teaches us how really we should proceed to achieve weight loss through this simple practice.

The idea of the book (which is the expression of what the diet teaches) is to propose a food based on vegetables, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, whole grains and potatoes. There is the possibility to insert the olive oil, since without exaggeration. Butter, meat and milk must be consumed in small portions. Lean dairy products are also welcome, as well as a glass of red wine every day (or a full grape juice). And the frying should be avoided.

From now on, see how you can put together your menu. That was the choice we made to show you how much practice this diet!

– 01 cup of tea, black coffee or coffee with milk;
– 01 Whole grain bread with curd or honey;
– cereal and yogurt with honey;
– 01 tablespoon of yeast;
– the ripe seasonal fruit.

Morning snack and afternoon
– 01 natural juice (made of fruit) accompanied by an oat harvest or else a fruit mature season.



n the options listed below, you should choose only one of them, looking for the one that best suit your needs. Or you can use one per day, so that their diet is diverse.

– Lean beef fillet with salad, rice and an orange;
– grilled fish fillet, melon with ham, natural juice of pineapple or papaya;
– Mozzarella, tomatoes, watercress, grilled salmon fillet and yoghurt with pinions;
– rice with lentils, yogurt with raisins, tomato, lettuce salad;
– Cream cheese with grapes, shrimp, avocado (small relative and very close to our avocado) and lettuce salad;
– orange juice and kiwi fruit, spaghetti with almonds, salad tomato and lettuce;
– cod with chickpeas, mashed apple with honey, green salad.

Have a dinner

As for lunch, you should opt for one of these indications and may use the same every day or merge them during the week.

– Whole wheat bread, zucchini cream, cottage, omelette and with walnuts and honey cheese;
– spinach with raisins, grilled fish and pine nuts and yogurt with fruit;
– Baked potatoes with green beans, eggplant Tortila and 1 kiwi fruit;
– bread with tomato and natural tuna salad with martinha, 1 apple baked with honey;
– dried fruit, grilled fish, au gratin potatoes;
– bread with tomato, cream of vegetables and omelette. Marmalade dessert with cream cheese;
– braised peas with ham, fish fillet and curd with honey


4 – Results

When we think of expose to you how this action is effective, we decided to talk about the actions that it has on the body, since this is what actually leads to weight loss.

When you eat the way the diet proposes calorie consumption is minimal and your body gets rid of toxins and proceeds to assert greater efficiency in all internal processes, such as digestion and elimination of organic material . That way, when you have your body consuming fewer calories and working “full steam” weight loss happens at a rapid pace and you achieve the results you expect in a very short time of use.

5 – Movie

We believe it is interesting to explain that the Mediterranean diet has nothing to do with the brilliant film (also called Mediterranean diet), directed by Joaquín Oristrell, which has as its protagonist a young woman in love with cooking and torn between the love of two men. In this case, perhaps the similarities are only a love of cooking skills.

Of course we can not rule out the frank willingness to teach the secrets of European cuisine, but the plot itself is not linked to diet. The girl stands out for its ability to combine food and make fantastic and healthy meals (which is the intention of the Mediterranean diet), but in fact, the cuisine is in the background on the comedy and the love triangle between the protagonists of the story. If it were not so, possibly the story does not attract many eyes, nor would get success among the public.

But we affirm strongly that it is interesting to see the movie because it mentions several famous chefs in the world and at times reveals the secret of cooking adopted by them.

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