Paleo Diet: How to, Menu and Simple Recipes


See step by step what to eat, how to make the Paleolithic diet and lose weight in a few days with our menus and recipes!

The “Paleolithic” period was one of our ancient history, in which the habits and customs of the people were quite rudimentary and lacked the civility conditions we have today.

But not lacked something that today is increasingly scarce: human health.

To reach this conclusion, just look at some simple things day to day.

In our case, we are talking about diet, we can work in the numbers of overweight and obesity.

Although today we are in a more civilized society and have more access to the facilities of life, the number of people who are above their ideal weight is very large and increasingly worrying.

So, you may even consider an exaggeration to say that the Paleo diet is related to a return to the way of food in the first centuries of our existence, but the idea is exactly that.

What she wants is to teach you a menu / Menu congruous, do you leave out the fast foods and snacks to eat what really is good for your body and can provide you with health and wellness. Check it!

1 – Learning from our ancestors

Certainly our ancestors have many good things to teach us, but in power Question believe we still have more luggage than any other aspect of life.

They have great experiences that no doubt can we bequeath a great way to power.

But we must understand that our vision should not be released to the next generations of us, and even our ancestors before the agricultural revolution that occurred about 10,000 years ago.

These were disciplined to feed, we need to certainly learn to put into practice in our daily lives.


2 – Diet Styles

There are surely hundreds of ‘strands’ of Paleolithic diet, and certainly we will not talk about all of them in this article. However , the Dr. Souto , wrote a beautiful book on the subject, and we recommend if you want to delve more on the subject. If you have the curiosity and the ability to read, make this experience. Surely you will find lots of interesting things to put in their food daily.

3 – Goals

What are the goals to be achieved by those who develop? Just to be able to lose weight with health and maintain the weight achieved through the faithful following the diet even after you have already achieved the results expected.

This is a very important step because surely you do not expect to lose weight just by one or two days but want results for life.

4 – How to

You know what it was like feeding people in the Paleolithic? It was based solely on the consumption of fruits, vegetables and meat. Any kind of processed food can be inserted into this diet.

Forget starches, milk, beans, salt and many others that are obtained through industrialization of the elements. So get ready to completely change their eating habits and take, in this regard, the mentality of Paleolithic man.

However, very careful with the way you will drive the diet. This is because there are substances present in other foods that will surely be missed by your body and in such cases, you need to come to consume them interspersed with the diet.

Make your diet for 15 days (maximum), then turn to the consumption of food normally.

After at least seven days feeding properly, you can resume the diet. And so should your cycle to always act safely.


5 – How to “separate” the food at meals everyday?

To know exactly how to organize the recipes you will use during the course of the day, use common sense. You need light and low calorie meals. Knowing this, all you need to do is create your dishes without overdoing the allowed foods . For example, a banana is more than enough as a snack.

If you ever have this care, for sure you will achieve the results you crave from the diet development.

6 – Effectiveness

In just 7 days it is possible that you have achieved significant advances in your body. And if you extend it for another week, you can even see even better results.

Depending on what your goal, it may be that this first step already get everything he wanted.Or not. But the fact is that it is proven efficiency and nobody can deny it an excellent alternative for those who need to reduce weight and measurements and has not yet found the right way to do it.

7 – Hypertrophy

It is interesting that when we have access to scientific studies that talk about the physical size of the people (especially men) the Paleolithic period, we have as large and healthy people reference, with developed muscles and little bad fat in the body.

And it has a logical explanation: the power, which is the great asset that today we are presenting to you; a food based on what you have presented, ie, vegetables and meat.

This process is therefore excellent for the development of the body, which is also known as “Hypertrophy “, ie, enlargement of the muscles. So, besides being perfect for weight loss, this diet is also great for those who want to dilate the muscles. Of course this depends on the use of foods that lead to this result.

In this case, it is interesting to be consumed enough carbohydrates on a daily basis, which is not hard to find among the vegetables.


8 – Benefits

Evidence that the Paleolithic diet is beneficial to the body, are everywhere. But we could not stop talking about cleaning the body, the lushness of the skin and the elimination of allergenic substances, such as stabilisers and preservatives. Your body certainly has to gain from it (and thank you too)!

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