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 Full table and free calculator

See step by step how to do, and calculate the table of the Diet of full points

The diet of the points, was created by Dr. Alfredo Halpern, an endocrinologist and associate professor of endocrinology and metabology the University of São Paulo, who died on November 25, 2015, where fighting pancreatic cancer.

However, his legacy, has helped many people lose weight in a more simple way, light and without leaving any side of food, where there is even a book released by him and two nutritionists, which shows that it is not necessary let the pleasure of eating aside and you should not want to lose weight quickly, or beyond what is necessary to have a healthy life.

Briefly, this method created by him, begins with the discovery of your Measuring rate Basal, amount of calories that your body really needs, because each person has a different need and turning the calories of each food in points, so as not to miss , in calculating the calories consumed.

This makes it much easier to lose weight and have a healthy life without having to give up more like, but learning to feed in the required amount, eliminating exaggerations.

Today, this method is already widely used by several people, helping to have better quality of life and helping to ward off crazy diets, which often have very quick results, but that harm health, causing concertina effect later.

How to make

To begin, we have to find out what your Basal measurement rate (BMR), which is nothing but what your body uses up calories while at rest (getting lying down, sitting, thinking, etc.), which is the expenditure that is necessary to keep vital organs functioning as the heartbeat of the heart.


How to calculate:

Women 10 to 18 years: Your current weight x 12.2 + 746

Women 18 to 30 years: Your current weight x 14.7 + 496

Women 30 to 60 years old: Your current weight x 8.7 + 829

Women with + 60: Your current weight x 10.5 + 596

Men 10-18 years Your current weight x 17.5 + 651

Men 18 to 30: Your current weight x 15.3 + 679

Male from 30 to 60 years old: Your current weight x 8.7 + 879

Man with + 60: Your current x 13.5 + 487 weight

Already calculated your BMR, now try to find out where it fits your lifestyle. So you know your Activity Factor (AF).

For convenience, a table follows below.

Knowing your factor activity, you will pick up your BMR and multiply by your FA, arriving at the results of your daily calorie needs.

Converting the daily requirement of calories in points. How to calculate:

Each 1, will amount to 3.6 calories. In this case, take the result of their need for calories and dividing by 3.6. Thus, you will know how many points you need daily.

An example: A woman needs 1882 calories divided by 3.6, will need 523 points.

Calculating BMI (Body Mass Index) and know how to lose:

To calculate your BMI, you will need to take your weight and divide by your weight squared, ie:

If your weight is 85kg and height is 1.65, you will first take the value of its height and multiply by himself (1.65 × 1.65), which in this case will give 2.7225. Then take your weight divided by the result of its height (85 / 2.7225), which is equal to 31.2.

This will show how much is with its high BMI and how much weight to lose.

Limits points to lose weight:

With this table, you will get your total daily points of daily energy needs and subtract.

To better understand, let’s continue with the example of the woman above, where your points have 523, with a body mass of 31.2, which in the table fits between 30 and 34.9, and the result of 200.

523-200 = 323. With this result, your calorie consumption, converted into points, will be 323 daily points.

How to assemble the menu

In this case, you need not stop eating the food, but rather, how many points is worth every calorie food, taking care to not exceed your limit.

When buying some processed foods, or even pre-made, fruit, vegetables, or even for a restaurant (there are already some that provide the amount of calories in each dish), see how much is the total calories per each portion and divide by 3.6.

Example: A complete feijoada, containing a feijoada shell, an orange, two tablespoons of rice, a spoonful of flour, a caipirinha and cabbage at will, it has 210Kcal. So I’ll take those 210 and divide by 3.6, which gives 58.33 points.

The same can be done with a sweet potato where 100gr, equivalent to 90kcal. Just divide 90 by 3.6, which will give 25 points.

Thus, you will put together a menu for all meals.

A table containing some major food shows the number of points of each.

Now, with these examples of foods, the more he learned to convert calories into points, is easy to assemble a full menu for your diet, or better, his reeducation food and best of all, it is without starving.

But do not forget to convert the calories of sweets, cakes, chocolates, soft drinks (in this case it is better to exchange it for water or natural juice), salty snacks, in points, not to take the risk of making the wrong accounts, okay?

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