Diet Protein: Footsteps, Menu and Recipes

See step by step how to make the diet of protein, its phases, menu, allowed food and recipes!

How to lose weight with health and quality of life? That is a question that many people are in search of a healthy and fit body.

With so many diets out there sometimes it is difficult to know what is the best to follow is not it? To make it less complicated the situation of those looking for a way to keep the body fit, we would like to present one of the best diets that lately has become quite famous: the protein diet. If you want to know a little more about it and find a fast and efficient way to lose weight and thus achieve excellent results possibly, continue reading this article.

1 – A new proposal

The proposal brought by this diet is totally focused on the needs of the overwhelming majority of people, which is exactly lose weight without losing their health . This is a new way of seeing things and to act in the way you should do when what you want is to combat overweight and obesity. So it’s very good that you know that this is an innovative proposal, which can certainly bring great results for you and for all who are interested to meet you and use it.

2 – Effect “dry belly”


The idea is to fight exactly what bothers people, which is the struggle to lose the bulging belly . And that, according to studies, it happens simply and quickly, given the extreme ability of the diet has to act on the human metabolism. All that is necessary is to fulfill to the letter what is shown and adapt the power to the menu taught by diet . All very efficiently without becoming tiresome.

3 – Weight Loss

Imagine that with the protein diet is you can reduce up to 7 kg in just 14 days . That’s right!According to testimonies on the internet, you can lose up to 7 kg in 2 weeks of diet . We use the word “to” because it depends on your body’s metabolism, the reactions of your body, its commitment, etc. But according to these statements on the Internet and Youtube, there is such a possibility and may perhaps end up with the old problem of “extra pounds” more.

4 – But after all, what is the protein diet?

After meeting some of its action on the body, possibly you might be wondering what is after all this diet? And no need to imagine something beyond your reality because in fact it is very simple. She is one dukan diet and is to drink plenty of protein (at appropriate levels, of course) in order to balance and support the body. It is a theory that has become more popular that the person needs to consume protein, but this should be done in a controlled manner not likely to cause problems in the medium and long term (so as not to cause short-term).

To give an idea of the size that the protein diet is, just say that among the foods allowed in implementation are the proteins of the meat, egg, milk and milk products and whey protein , which is extracted supplement of whey milk. Be very careful because the proteins should be lean , okay? Do not abuse fats because it can affect the diet results.

Eating moderately you end becoming able to feed properly and at the right time, which will be an important step taken!


5 – Dietary reeducation

The nutritional education here is done in a different way: to make the diet, you need to adhere to it immediately. This is not very difficult because the allowed foods are those customarily consume every day.

You will certainly have no trouble doing so. The most difficult (and is exactly where comes to nutritional education) is to learn to eat moderately. If you are able to do so will surely be one step closer to achieving success in your quest for the ideal body.

6 – action through metabolism

One of the points that makes the biggest difference when you make a protein-based diet is the acceleration of metabolism, which enhances the burning of fat and the elimination of calories. After consuming the right amount of protein, supposedly you can lose weight even sleeping!

Of course this can not be seen as a rule to eat wildly and think that will restore asleep. This is just one step in the process. So it really take effect, you must assist the acceleration of metabolism with physical activities that help in weight loss (as well as any diet and any physical activity, see it with your doctor before inicar any exercise). If this is not the reality of your diet probably will not help her to be successful.

7 – Maintaining muscle mass


It is extremely interesting to note that the protein diet gives the person the ability to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. This is important because this is something that reduces the likelihood of fatigue and physical exhaustion due to lack of solids.

We usually have the custom to think that people are being successful in a diet when they start to “dry up”. But when they “dry” sometimes be a power signal that are actually dwindling. And it can be dangerous! People, when they enter restricted diets processes naturally become prone to it. And finish developing diseases later become major problems to be solved.

8 – Phases

The protein diet phases are three, each with its own developments and a number of calories being ingested. The first phase it consists of two weeks (14 days) and concentrate the absorption of 1,000 calories . The second phase lasts five weeks and CONCENTRATION1,100 the 1,500 calories . In phase 3 foods are free, but should be consumed in moderation.

This diet mainly seemed to be a good for you alcaçar your goals and the body you always dreamed of?

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