Soup Diet: How To Step By Step, Menu and Recipes


See step by step what to eat, how to make the soup diet and lose weight in a few days with our menus and recipes!

or those who want to find a simple, easy and so effective for weight loss , we present the soup diet, which according to rumors on the Internet was created especially for the Heart Hospital and won the acceptance of people because it would have been able to show amazing results in a short time of execution. Although such rumors and diet fame, she notwas one of the creations of students of USP , which according to legend would be to search for ways to help patients of Incor ( Heart Institute ) to achieve weight reduction and thus increase their health and quality of life.

(The University does not confirm such rumors).

And to make it all easier this process, we would like to present in detail this diet and explain how it works and especially why so many people say that it is efficient. If you want to know more about it and whether or not really fits your needs, follow to the end this article. How many other people over the internet and by Youtube, it is quite possible that you might be interested in this food plan, if indeed you are looking to lose weight. Check it!


The soup diet has no secret. The central idea of the diet is that a person can lose weight just eating soup. That’s right! Taking soup! After all the food is low in calories and very effective to sustain the body. Of course it can not be any kind of soup. It needs to be a balanced soup, made with selected ingredients and has all the necessary nutrients for energy and satiety to the body.

How it works


The structure of this eating plan is simple. Just replace the main meals of the day for a lot of soup. In this case, what can be done is to replace the lunch and dinner for the soup. The breakfast can usually be done, as well as other meals of the day. This is very good because this is a detoxifying diet because it provides astringency of the body.

Of course we can not be frivolous and say that people will be able to lose weight if they have a balanced diet at other times of the day. You must be careful to associate it with healthy habits for food so you exponentially increase the chances of the plan work perfectly.

Diet Efficiency

There are testimonials everywhere on the internet of people who have managed to lose weight with this method. People who have used are often quite emphatic in stating that it works. And no less. Its purpose sounds very nice is not it? Since promises fast results (but not miraculous).

And speaking of results, they are in fact what is attractive to thousands of people. The idea is to lose 1 kilo per day, ie 7 kilos in just one week. And it is the testimony deizem, since the method to be followed in accordance with what is established. Of course, you are not responsible for their implementation, the chances of it not bring you satisfactory results are great.


Nutrition experts

By having all this supposed creation by the famous university Paulista and its experts (which is not confirmed by faculty), the diet ended up popularizing quickly the Internet, as people end up associating the name of the same with tradition and respect for this institution teaching. For this fact, this diet plan is one of the most popular that is the web.

What use in soup

Attention because this is very important! If the soup is not done with some care, we are confident that the process will be bankrupt because you will run a very high risk of getting sick from lack of vitamins and nutrients in your recipe. So watch out for the constant use of vegetables and assorted vegetables (cabbage is highly recommended), never neglecting the nutritional values of each. If you can not eat them apart (how many people can not), you can cook them in a blender and beat them to consume the folder.

It is also advisable to make a broth to take a few days to night. In this case, always be careful not to overdo the spices and or the use of supplements. You need to get used to make snacks for not having problems with your diet.

Physical activity

As the soup diet should be associated with a healthy balanced diet, it is advisable that you insert in your day to day constant physical activity. This attitude is essential for you to become able to accelerate the process of weight loss and more importantly, to get to keep it after the diet is finished.

Physical activities that you can perform are the most varied possible. However, you can adopt one or two ways to practice every day. The walk is usually one of the best physical activities, it is normally released to all people and provides excellent results. But just do not forget to consult your doctor before doing any physical activity.


Nutritional education

Ideally you will be able to make a nutritional education and, from that diet, discover within themselves the ability to regulate and to feed properly. And once having reached this level, for sure you will get to keep all the results it has set itself and actually achieved.

This is the soul of the whole diet and rest assured that you will always have a beautiful and healthy body! Some people said they had lost considerable weight with this diet in just four days , and you, what are your experiences with the soup diet?

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