Sweet Potato Diet: How to Footsteps, Menu and Recipes


Here’s how to do step by step the sweet potato diet with our recipes and menus to lose weight and belly!

This diet is often used by people who do gym for those who want to use it to gain lean muscle mass and for fat (gain weight) but also already ingratiated himself with those who simply want to lose weight, lose those extra pounds.

This eating plan is not like the soup and others out there, where you have to only eat sweet potatoes all day to lose weight and yes, add in a balanced diet.

Being a food that yes, contains carbohydrates, but low in calories, this tuber is very suitable in these two terms, whether for weight loss only, is to lose excess fat and gain lean muscle mass, since the absorption of carbohydrates they are slower in our body.


– Contains 90kcal in every hundred grams, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, fiber and carbohydrates.

– Being less calorie than other foods and the Carbohydrate be more hard, shall we say, the release of insulin to convert carbohydrates into sugar, is slower, ie will releasing gradually, according to your need in spending power.

– By having a high content of fiber and protein, gives a more prolonged satiety, making it take longer to feel hungry again.

– Yet rich in potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium.

With these benefits, it will help a lot in weight loss and muscle gain, especially if combined with egg , or chicken , because of the animal protein that we need in our body.


Anyone can do? And what are the risks?

As each person is a unique person, with a different body of another individual, the ideal is to see your doctor and talk about this diet, where it will check your real needs and has no health problem, you can prevent.

In addition, your doctor or nutritionist will spend the right amount you should eat that food, added to a more balanced meal with fruits and vegetables, we still need other vitamins and minerals that are not contained in it.

Excessive consumption can indeed cause health problems such as anemia, dehydration and other more serious diseases such as hypoglycemia (sudden drop in blood glucose in the blood), or you have to be pre-disposed to have, due to their genetics.

Hence the importance of a follow-up of a professional to make an accurate assessment.

Recalling further that daily consumption, should be up to three times a day.

Apart from that, the sweet potato will only have benefits in your life.

Some recipes and how to make / prepare

These recipes are just to have a variety of how to do, not having to eat it, only boiled or baked, as in reality, you have the option of consuming it with boiled egg for breakfast, with the lunch, or dinner, and afternoon snack, as well as sweet potatoes with chicken grilled, baked, or roasted.


Remember that according to experts, should not only eat sweet potatoes with egg, or just egg white, or only with chicken for lunch and dinner, as despite being beneficial, it will not have all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to consume during the day.

You have to make a meal in these two hours in particular, with a more balanced dish of vegetables, either cooked or raw and vegetables, such as salads, and can use a teaspoon of brown rice soup, two bean soup spoons if want.

Sweet potato with egg , or the chicken breast only, should be consumed at breakfast and afternoon snack.

In the case of athletes, or people who do strength training, the ideal is to consume too, before training, two hours before you start exercising.

So let three recipes for a change your menu.

sweet potato juice:

Grate at the thinnest part of the grater potato, pass it to a clean cloth and squeeze, getting the juice and taking her then.

It can be eaten in the morning for breakfast with an egg, or egg cooked. Or, it can be consumed in the afternoon snack with a breast chicken grilled.

In this case, you only lose the benefit of the fibers.


Mashed sweet potatoes:

Cook hundred and fifty grams of the tuber unpeeled in pressure, remove from pan, leaving cool slightly, peel and knead well, mixing then a light cream cheese teaspoon and two tablespoons of skim milk soup.

It can be eaten at any time, even as an accompaniment lunch and dinner.


Type chips or fried:

Take the sweet potato, cut into slices, or thin strips of peel and all, season with a pinch of salt and herbs, put in a pan and bring to the oven, leaving bake, until golden brown and crisp aspect.

If going to make in the microwave, line a plate with paper towels and potato to spread and leave for about three minutes, pulling out after this time and turning all slices or strips, leading for three minutes on high power.

As there takes frying it can also be consumed at any time, including during the main meals, with salads, and vegetables, is cooked or raw.

With these three tips, easier to vary the meals with this wonder. But remember that the consumption of baked potato with the skin, it becomes even better as it contains the same nutrients from within.

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