Exercises To Lose Belly: Make at Home or at the gym

Exercises to lose belly fat


What is the best exercise to lose belly fast? Here’s how to do it step by step at home or at the gym

Good news for those who want to lose belly fast … there are different types of exercises that can be done for you to achieve this purpose. And something even better is that these activities are quite simple to do and can be performed in the comfort of your home .

Many people know this, but usually do not know how to put these activities into practice.That’s why we created this article, in which we will present you some aerobic exercises to lose belly that are quite popular due to the effectiveness.

Of course, before starting any physical activity, you should first consult your doctor to know if you are able to engage in these practices or not. Let’s see how to perform these exercises to burn belly fat ?

Physical activities

All physical activities need to be targeted and can not be practiced in absentia. And to lose weight fast many people disregard this reality. So if you practice them at home, it is interesting to do with good guidance, not to make mistakes in execution.

An excellent idea is also looking for a gym, a personal trainer or physical education teacher, especially if you are not familiar with the practice of physical exercises .. Losing belly in the gym (or at home) is not as complicated as it seems you can not see some results already in just one week to do a good workout and follow it with a proper diet .

If your intention is actually run them at home, we have good guidelines to pass it to you start burning those annoying and stubborn flab around the waist.

1 – Cross Climber


The starting position is this: you should support his two hands on the floor and stand on tiptoe. Your body should be stopped, always stretched and in the same position. Then you should stretch one leg and “throw” it to one side. This is the movement that must always be repeated with both legs. Your muscles will dilate while you will reduce fat mass in the body.

2 – Squat


With hands clasped behind his neck, you should flex your legs and stay in that position. Then you should begin to squat and lift slowly, letting your abdomen, calves and back of the thigh to feel the pressure of movements. This way, you will help your body develop more muscles and burn a greater number of fat.

3 – Bending arm

To begin this exercise, you must first kneel and bend the body forward, resting his hands flat on the floor.


Then you should take your knees off the floor, supporting the Arm flexion Arm flexion s tiptoed. Then, should begin flexing arms, so that almost touches the chest on the ground. This movement of lowering and raising should be repeated several times, always careful to do it in sync.

4 – Bike on the floor


For those who usually devote to physical activity, the bicycle is one of the simplest. You should lie down on the back floor (with a straight spine) and lift both legs. Then you should start moving them, as indeed was riding. Every move, remember to stretch your legs enough.This force is made on the muscle that will provide you with the gains in weight loss you hope to achieve.

5 – Scissors Chutes


This is an activity that requires a little more attention to be executed, but it is not complicated. What we need is to observe the step by step to be used to do it properly. See our guidelines.

At first, lie on your back on the floor with your body straight and place your hands flat on the glutes. Lift one leg slowly, so that it is 90 degrees with their hip.

Making moves very slowly, down the leg causing your heel (almost) touch the ground. After that lift the other leg and make these movements alternately, to achieve the results you expect.

6 – Cross Abdominal


Many people wonder why make cross abdominal and not only the traditional abdominal, everyone knows that is effective both to define the belly (once you have already lost much of its fat front cover).

And the answer is that the cross abdominal has huge influence on the lateral region of the stomach (the outer thighs, as we say). That is, it is great to narrow down waist . But how to do it?

Lie on your back and bend your legs, crossing them, one with the ankle on the opposite knee.Then, simply lift the body making a rotational movement so that the elbow touch the opposite knee.

7 – Side Elevation of the legs


Lie on your side with one leg over the other in the trunk line. With one hand supports his head and the other to give support to the body, supporting it in front of you. slowly raise both legs and then lower them slowly, so he can feel the effects on your hip.

8 – Elevation of the legs and trunk


Another activity that has great action on the abdomen, hips and all the belly area is this. And the way to do is very simple: you just need to lie on your back and lift your torso and legs so that it is sitting on the bones of bum (also known as Ischia). Stay in this position for about six seconds and then relax. Breathe and repeat again.

9 – Side plank with a twist


To close this series of activities to lose belly would like to introduce this exercise. The way to do is simple! Keep your stomach and rest your forearms on the floor to give him firmly. Your legs should be one over the other and the sides of the feet should be pressed against the ground. Raise your body up the hips, so that they are twisted (or rotated). Stay in this position for about 20 seconds and then return to starting position. Replace the side and repeat the activity.

As we mentioned earlier, coupled with one specific diet to lose belly , these exercises can help, and you begin to reduce the measurements of your waist. Losing your belly not only leave you more beautiful (the) more confident, but also bring huge benefits to your overall health and reduce your changes of getting a number of serious diseases. Invest some of your day and you reach your goals!

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