Weight Loss Tea: The Best To Lose Weight Fast

Teas to Lose Belly Fast


Dry tea homemade belly to help you lose weight and dry the belly

A bulging belly is a major cause of embarrassment and frustration for people today. And who does not want to find ways to get rid of it as soon as possible, is not it? Yesterday, preferably. But although it is desirable, the truth is that this is not such an easy task as well. Yes there is the possibility of losing belly in a week (not all, of course, especially depending on the size of it), but it requires a lot of effort and discipline to use the right and the right way means. How to do it?

Well, we will describe further on a strong ally in this quest for less protruding belly.

The proposal that we have to show you are the teas to lose belly. Here you will discover a little more about them, what benefits they bring to your body and how they act to make you lose weight. Want to learn? So take note!

1 – slimming teas

Many people have made use of the teas to lose weight and are achieving excellent results with them. What in fact is true, because in fact people who know how to use them properly always achieve plausible and consistent results.

The substance of each of them, we will have the opportunity to learn a little further in this article, make it possible to reach these results.

But we would like to make it clear that the teas are not miraculous. To take effect, they must be used properly, always in conjunction with a good diet and the practice of constant physical activity .

That said, as we introduce you to some of these teas and explain the functions of each. Look…


2 – Knowing some teas to lose weight

– Green tea

Green tea is a powerful slimming because it has caffeine and catechins, substances that accelerate the metabolism and therefore make the body expend more energy, bring regularity to the process of digestion, facilitate bowel movement and combat fluid retention in the body .

It can be found in sachets, capsules or soluble powder. Just prepare and take!

Tip: prepare it preferably without sugar is, and if you need to sweeten it, do it with a little sweetener.

– Passion fruit tea

When we talk about the passion fruit tea it is impossible not to associate an excellent natural tranquilizer due to its sedative properties. But in addition, passionfruit leaf has diuretic properties and therefore contributes to the removal of liquids, which action has as a result the power to deflate and decrease weight.

But not only that. The shell has pectin, which is a substance that hinders the absorption body sugar and also helps maintain the feeling of satiety for longer. Ideal for snacks, is not it?

– Hibiscus tea

The name can even be a little strange, but the efficiency is very high. If you want to take a popular slimming tea and promotes quick results, then look try the hibiscus tea. To do so, you just need the Roselle flower, which is appropriate.

Do not use the ornamental flower hibiscus rosa-sinensis, which is widely used in gardens. This is only ornamental function.

The hibiscus is excellent for weight loss because it has diuretic and digestive action, which also has properties of a mild laxative. That is, as in making a bowel cleansing, leads to weight loss, it is because the body purges what is bad, making better use of the vitamins and nutrients from food.

– Chamomile tea

This is an old acquaintance. Chamomile is a treatment plant which has, among other things, calming and anxiolytic properties, which contributes to the reduction (or extinction) of compulsion. That’s what makes it work with the weight loss, as with subsidiary compulsion, the person eat less and feel better about yourself.

– Rosemary tea

Rosemary tea is great for improving digestion and therefore contributes to weight loss. And the process is extremely simple. When ingested, it makes cleaning the intestine and releases the impurities out of the intestine. All this at a tremendous speed, giving more perfection to the digestive process, which leads to reduction in the weight and belly .

– Red Tea


Red tea is extracted from the camellia sinensis plant and is well appreciated by those who already consumed. This is due to the fact that it speeds up the metabolism, which makes it excellent for help in burning fat. And with it, even if it is at rest, the person may be able to reduce weight due to this accelerated metabolism.

– Mint tea

This tea is excellent for ‘burn’ fat. This is because it has great digestive properties and causes the body to work more efficiently. Using it the right way, it can help you reduce belly.

Ever notice how some pork with dishes, usually lead mint? It is precisely to assist in the digestion of meat, which is sometimes fat. The consumption of mint makes you do not get the feeling of weight, it helps in your digestion.

– Carqueja tea

The gorse tea is a powerful slimming because it has a direct effect on the stomach and intestinal disorders, and has anti-inflammatory, diuretic and digestive. When ingested, it acts on the body and gives you healthy weight loss through the stomach cleaning and release of intestinal flow.

– Fennel tea

The fennel tea, so appreciated by so many people because of its great taste, is also great for helping you lose weight because it has a direct effect on the process of digestion of food. It works by providing a better performance to the gut, so that it is not possible to keep within himself that that somehow is bad for him. This helps prevent fluid retention and swelling.


3 – How to use the slimming teas?

There are not many secrets about the use of slimming teas. You just need to insert them in your food during your day. This means that it can take them basically at any time, provided there is no exaggeration (and not the abuse of sugar added).

Sometimes it is not very interesting taking certain teas with high caffeine content (such as green tea) in the evening because it may disrupt his sleep.

The results of teas used as tools slimming usually good when you eat them before or after the main meals, as they have inhibitory action of appetite and also aid digestion.

However, we would like to remind you that you can never expect fancy made when taking any ‘ dry tea belly ‘. In order to use them as best as possible and reap good results, surely you also need to eat properly and physical activities regularly.

The teas can certainly help you in this task, and that seems to be so difficult that is to lose the belly. Try incrementing them in your diet and start seeing results in your body in a few days.

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